The Rolling Barrel logo. The Rolling Barrel is a pedal vehicle business in Victoria British Columbia. We run city and pub tours. A party bike built for fun. Pedal, laugh, drink, repeat.
The Vancouver Island Brewing Company is one of the locally owned and operated beer crafters featured on the Rolling Barrel Van Tour.

Pedal Pub Crawl

pedal, Laugh, Drink, Repeat

Brewery Van Tour

buckle up, taste, learn, repeat

The Rolling Barrel bike takes you on a fun 2-hour tour on a 15-person pedal-powered trolley. The energizing music provides an upbeat atmosphere and motivation to pedal. Feel free to supply your own tunes or dance along to our playlists. Don’t forget to wave to the envious onlookers!

The captain/guide will drive the tour and keep everything on track. The tour is pedal power only, 10 of the seats are pedal power and we have 5 non-pedaling seats for those that aren’t able / don’t want to pedal.

The tour stops at 3 iconic Victoria pubs where you can enjoy some of the best food and beverages Victoria has to offer.

Grab your sense of adventure and book a tour with us today!

The Rolling Barrel Van Tour is a fun and informative 2- hour in a comfortable 12 person van. The upbeat music and activities will fill the time between breweries. Each tour includes brew tours, tastings, and interesting beer crafting information.

Your driver will get you around safely and answer all your questions.

The tour stops at 3 of our favorite Victoria craft brewers where you can sample some of the best beer Victoria has to offer. The art of brewing has a rich history here in Victoria, we invite you to come and taste it.

Grab your sense of adventure and book a tour with us today!


The Rolling Barrel Pedal Pub Crawl is the brainchild of two fun loving and adventurous friends. Tanner Mac and Peter have been partners in fun projects since they were in elementary school. When they had the pleasure of riding a similar peddle bike in New Orleans while on vacation with a group of friends they knew that this was what Victoria was lacking and they wanted to be the ones to fill the void.

The Rolling Barrel Van Tour concept  naturally evolve when Tanner and Peter started working closely with other Victoria based businesses that love to bring joy to those that visit and those that live in our beautiful capital city of British Columbia. Victoria has a thriving craft beer community going back to 1984. Join us for a fun filled afternoon of learning, laughter, and of course, tasting.

Whatever your event is, we can add the element of fun. Our birthday and bachelorette parties are always a hit. We bring new excitement to staff parties.  If you are a tourist looking for a unique way to sightsee, we got you! Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, Canada day, whatever your day is, look to us to help make your day better. With several tour options available we have something for everyone.

The Rolling Barrel Pedal Pub Tour FAQ

Is loud music a part of this tour?

Absolutely! There has to be music to have the most fun. Please let your drivers know the type of music you like and they will accommodate you as best they can.

Are there age and height requirements?

Passengers must be at least 19 to ride and must sign our waiver form to board the social Cycle. Pedaling passengers should ideally be at least 5′ / 153cm tall to comfortably be able to reach the pedals. Shorter passengers are still welcome to ride but are encouraged to take a bench seat.

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