We are coordinators of fun!


The Rolling Barrel is the brain child of two fun loving and adventurous friends. Tanner Mac and Peter have been partners in fun projects since they were in elementary school. When they had the pleasure of riding a similar peddle bike in New Orleans while on vacation with a group of friends they knew that this is what Victoria was lacking and they wanted to be the one to fill the void.

The Rolling Barrel’s maiden launch was in 2016 and since then we have added another bike and several new tour routes.

We strive to improve with each tour and every piece of feedback. We are proud of our city and love to share its details with visitors and locals alike. Most of all we love to hear you laughing and having fun.

The Rolling Barrel parked in front of Chintz & Company and waiting for tourists to return from their refreshment break at the Canoe Club.

We are avid explorers and happy ambassadors of Vancouver Island. Not only will you have a blast with us you will go away knowing more about our home.


Pedal, Laugh, Drink, Repeat!